9.3 AquaVent Wellhead Maintenance


After retrieving the settings in Levelogger Software, If the Wellhead batteries have drained to 20% charge or lower, a warning message will appear to replace the batteries.

Replacing the batteries will have to be done on a regular basis, and is based on usage. See Section 8.1 for battery life estimates and installation instructions.

Replacing the o-ring at the Vented Cable connector should also be done regularly. The o-ring ensures a tight seal at the Vented Cable connection, which is important for keeping moisture out. Replacement O-rings are available in sets of ten from Solinst.

When not in use, the AquaVent Wellhead should be stored with the dust cap on the Vented Cable Connector. The blue dust caps should also be secured to the cable connector(s) on the side of the Wellhead.

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Figure 9-7 Wellhead O-ring and Dust Cap at the Vented Cable Connection