6.0 Trouble Shooting


SDI-12 Cables sold before August 25, 2009 will not be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Junior. SDI-12 Cables sold before September 27, 2011 will not be compatible with the Levelogger Edge. SDI-12 Cables sold before November 1, 2013 will not be compatible with Rainlogger Edge and Rainlogger using Firmware V2.000. Cables sold before August 1, 2017 will not be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Edge. Cables sold before March 20, 2019 will not allow higher conductivity readings (i.e. >10,000 µS/cm) to display for the LTC Levelogger Edge. Cables sold after that date are fully compatible with all Leveloggers and Rainloggers (SDI-12 Cable Firmware V2.003).


Levelogger Does Not Reply

The most common cause is an SDI-12 command sent with a device address that does not correspond with the Levelogger you are trying to communicate with. In this case, the Levelogger will not reply.

Change the address of the SDI-12 command being sent to match the proper device address.


SDI-12 Recorder Receives Erroneous Replies

Check to ensure all Leveloggers on the network have unique device addresses. Otherwise, there will be bus collisions, and erroneous data will be returned from the Leveloggers to the SDI-12 recorder. This will be indicated if two or more Yellow LEDs on separate SDI-12 Interface Cables flash at the same time, when only one SDI-12 command was sent.

Change the device address of the Levelogger with the duplicate address.


Recorder Receives Invalid Response to D command e.g. 0000<CR><LF>

Retry the Command. The Levelogger may have been busy or the Levelogger is not connected to the SDI-12 Interface Cable.

If your recorder supports automatic retries, consider enabling that function. If necessary, check all connections in the field.