Solinst Levelogger Field Notes

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It is recommended to take a manual water level measurement before installing a Levelogger, shortly after installation, periodically during your monitoring interval, and at the end of your measurement period. Use these measurement to verify Levelogger readings, and for data adjustments later on. Ensure you take manual readings as close in time as possible to a scheduled Levelogger readings.

Before Deployment

Before deployment, make sure you do the following:

solinst levelogger wireline or kevlar cord deployment


solinst levelogger direct read cable deployment

Direct Read



After Deployment:

After deployment, make sure you do the following:


Well Caps:

solinst levelogger well capsThe Model 3001 2" (or 4" with Adaptor) Well Cap Assembly provides a secure method of installing your Levelogger using wireline/Kevlar cord or Direct Read Cables.