4.2 Activation and Verification

  1. Check the SDI-12 device Address of the WLTS on your SDI-12 network. The default is set to address ASCII '0'
  2. Using your SDI-12 recorder and its software, issue an Acknowledge Active Command 'a!', to test if the device address is correct and you can communicate with the newly installed WLTS. Make sure other SDI- 12 devices are not being addressed and communicating at the same time on the SDI-12 network.
  3. Issue the Start Verification Command 'aV!' and later read it with the Send Data Command 'aD0!' to verify the WLTS is operating without errors.
  4. Use the Send Identification Command 'aI!' to verify that the name and model of the WLTS matches that of the WLTS you have just installed. This information was read out of the WLTS with the last 'V' command, or the last SDI-12 interface bring-up.
  5. Execute the Start Concurrent Measurement Command 'aC!' and later retrieve the measurement with the Send Data Command 'aD0!', to ensure the WLTS is connected properly and taking measurements .
  6. If the above steps are successful, you may program the SDI-12 recorder to automatically issue commands to the WLTS to take measurements and record them.