6.1 Datalogger Identification

datalogger identification - iOS

Figure 6-3 Datalogger Identification - iOS

datalogger identification - Android

Figure 6-4 Datalogger Identification - Android

Identification displays the following:

Serial Number (SN): The unique serial number of the connected Solinst datalogger.

Instrument Type: The model of the attached datalogger (i.e. F100/M30, Rainlogger, etc.).

Firmware Version: The firmware version of the connected datalogger (i.e. V3.003).

Battery Level: Shows the percentage battery level remaining.

You can tap the fields to enter the following:

Location: Input specific site/location information.


Do not include a "/" (slash) in your location. This will cause an error when transferring or e-mailing data.

Project: Input your own identification system.


Tapping on the white input fields will activate the keyboard to enter the desired settings.