10.1.4 Rainlogger Installation

solinst rainlogger rainfall dataloggers

Figure 10-19 Solinst Rainloggers

the tipping bucket rain gauge connector of the solinst rainlogger

Figure 10-20
The Tipping-bucket Rain
Gauge Connector of the
Rainlogger 5

Solinst Rainloggers (Figure 10-19) are designed to log the tip times of an external tipping-bucket rain gauge, and output the amount of rainfall per tip.

The Rainlogger 5 and Edge housings are made of ABS, while the Rainlogger housing is made of stainless steel. Direct exposure to rainfall should be avoided, and Rainloggers should not be submerged. The Rainlogger 5 and Edge ABS housings provide extra electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

The rain gauge connected to the Rainlogger is supplied by the customer. The Rainlogger rain gauge connector (Figure 10-20) connects to the 2 m (6.5 ft.) cable supplied with the Rainlogger. The Rainlogger 5 and Edge use different connector cables than the older Rainlogger, which can not be interchanged. The connector cables have two wires, which are connected to the tipping-bucket by splicing to the tipping-bucket cable. As the tipping-bucket is just an electrical switch, for most models, the wires can be connected to either cable wire. Refer to the manufacturer's operating instructions. Longer, exposed cables should be protected from rodents and vandalism by cable armoring or installation within electrical conduit.


The Rainlogger 5 and Edge use a different connector cable than the older Rainlogger, and they can not be interchanged.

solinst rainlogger connected to tipping bucket

Figure 10-21 Rainlogger 5 Connected to Tipping-bucket


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