3.0 LevelSender Software

The Solinst LevelSender PC Software provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to configure the Home Station email, program LevelSender 5 remote stations with cellular settings, data sampling and reporting schedules, alarm notifications, and set up FTP information, email addresses and/or an SMS contact to receive the data.


LevelSender Telemetry Systems can also be set up using the Solinst Cloud. This eliminates the use of a dedicated PC "Home Station" and emails. See Solinst Cloud User Guide.

LevelSender Software can be used to program a LevelSender 5 directly through a USB cable; in addition, a LevelSender email address can be set up in the software for each LevelSender station, which is used to remotely receive data schedule changes.

LevelSender Software can also be used to receive data at the Home Station, and export it for use in other programs, including Levelogger PC Software for data compensation.


Data files are also automatically saved on the Home Station PC as a back-up (see Section 5.3).

The software can also perform communication tests between the Home Station and a remote LevelSender station, and between a remote LevelSender station and the connected datalogger(s). It can also perform diagnostic tests on a USB connected LevelSender station.


LevelSender Software Version 1.3.0 is compatible with LevelSender 5 Firmware Version 2.200 and up.