2.1.1 Installing Batteries

RRL Stations are shipped with separate batteries, which must be installed before programming the Station. Each RRL Station uses six (6) 3.6V AA replaceable lithium batteries.

To install the batteries, follow the steps below:

1) Use a Phillips screwdriver to undo the four screws from the back of the RRL unit.
2) Carefully remove the back of the RRL unit.
3) Install the batteries in the battery holder. Ensure proper polarity.
4) Replace the back of the RRL unit ensuring all wires are inside. Reinstall the four screws.


It is recommended to replace the batteries when the Remote Station Battery indicator reaches 30% in the STS/ RRL Administrator. See Section 4.1.


When replacing the lithium batteries, wait 1 minute after removing the old batteries before installing the new batteries. Do not wait more than three minutes before installing the new batteries.

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Figure 2-3 Installing RRL Remote Radio Link Batteries