Levelogger 5 Optical Adaptors

solinst levelogger direct read to optical adaptor

L5 Threaded Adaptor (#114630)

solinst levelogger slip fit direct read to optical adaptor

L5 Slip Fit Adaptor (#114598)

The Levelogger 5 Optical Adaptors are designed to be used in cases where a L5 Direct Read Cable is not convenient or available. This allows them to be used for multiple communication or deployment purposes. The Adaptor can be used to connect your Levelogger to a Levelogger 5 App Interface, DataGrabber 5, PC Interface Cable, an SDI-12 Interface Cable, or deploy a Barologger inside an STS Telemetry enclosure or from a LevelSender.

The L5 Slip Fit Adaptor is also available for a quick, temporary connection to the Levelogger. It is not recommended for long-term installations, such as the SDI-12 Interface Cable, STS or LevelSender. The L5 Threaded Adaptor is suitable in these cases.


Levelogger 5 App Interface
with L5 Slip Fit Adaptor

solinst levelogger 5 app interface

DataGrabber 5
with L5 Slip Fit Adaptor

solinst datagrabber 5 usb data transfer unit for leveloggers

STS/LevelSender Reader Cable
with L5 Threaded Adaptor

solinst sts and levelsender reader cable


solinst usb pc interface cable connecting levelogger 5 to laptop

Solinst Levelogger 5 using PC Interface Cable
with L5 Slip Fit Adaptor to connect to Laptop


solinst levelogger sdi-12 communication cable connected to levelogger 5

Solinst Levelogger 5 connected to
SDI-12 Interface Cable with L5 Threaded Adaptor