1.1 Compatibility

Each STS can connect up to four Solinst dataloggers. STS Telemetry is compatible with the Levelogger 5, Barologger 5, Levelogger 5 Junior, Levelogger 5 LTC, Rainlogger 5, LevelVent 5, as well as Levelogger Edge, Barologger Edge, Levelogger Junior Edge, LTC Levelogger Edge, Rainlogger Edge, LevelVent, and Gold series dataloggers using the following firmware versions (or higher):


Datalogger Firmware Version
Levelogger 5 / Barologger 5 1.005
Levelogger 5 Junior 1.005
Levelogger 5 LTC 1.005
Rainlogger 5 1.005
LevelVent 5 1.005
Levelogger Edge / Barologger Edge 3.004
Levelogger Junior Edge 3.004
LTC Levelogger Edge 1.003
Rainlogger Edge 3.001
LevelVent 1.000

Table 1-2 Compatible Datalogger Firmware Versions


It is also important to ensure you are using the most recent STS firmware version, with the most recent Solinst Telemetry Software. To check this, go to https://downloads.solinst.com



To determine what software version you are using, use the Help menu in the STS/RRL Administrator (see Section 4.1). To determine what firmware version your STS is using, see Section 4.8.


See previous User Guide for Gold series datalogger's compatible firmware versions.