3.4 LevelSender Software Main Window

To start the LevelSender Software, click software icon on your desktop, or click the Start button and select: Programs > Solinst > LevelSender.

The LevelSender Software main window will be displayed. From here you can set up the Home Station email, view LevelSender settings, set up new LevelSender remote stations, edit existing LevelSender settings, and receive and open LevelSender emails and data.

solinst levelsender telemetry system settings

Figure 3-2 LevelSender Settings


If the software is running, connecting a new LevelSender station using the USB cable will automatically start the LevelSender Setup Wizard. See Section 4.2.

The window on the left of the Software lists each programmed LevelSender station levelsender icon by its serial number. If the LevelSender station is connected to the Home Station PC using a USB cable, it will be identified with "Connected" and an icon usb icon below it.

To delete a LevelSender station, click to highlight it in the list, then click the delete icon delete icon.


3.4.1 LevelSender Software Options

Selecting the serial number of a programmed remote (or connected) LevelSender station levelsender icon from the list will display the LevelSender Settings:

LevelSender Information

LevelSender Setup

The Data Collection and LevelSender Changes tabs will also be available. See Sections 5.3 and 4.3 for the functions of these tabs.


3.4.2 Connected LevelSender Software Options

Selecting "Connected" below a programmed LevelSender usb icon from the list will display the Sim Card Settings, LevelSender Email Setup, Data Recipient Setup, and Diagnostic Information tabs.

The function of the first three tabs is to review the settings that have previously been applied to the connected LevelSender station. See Section 8.1 for an overview of the Diagnostics Information tab.

solinst software showing connected levelsender tabs

Figure 3-3 Connected LevelSender Tabs