Solinst Cloud LevelSender Field Utility

The Solinst Cloud LevelSender Field Utility can be downloaded from You will require a PC running Windows 10 or 11 to use the program.

The Field Utility provides a convenient way to connect to your LevelSender in the field for diagnostic purposes, or to start or stop your LevelSender.

To use the Field Utility, connect the LevelSender to your PC via a USB cable as described in Step 4 of this Quick Start Guide. Select the Com Port the LevelSender is connected to, or click Scan LevelSender to retrieve the proper Com Port information. Click Connect.

Click Run Test to perform the diagnostic tests listed. Click Save Diagnostic Information to PC to create a report that you can then use for your own purposes, or send to Solinst for further assistance.

You can Stop or Start a LevelSender immediately, or select a Future Start time.

The Reboot LevelSender option can be used to reset a LevelSender before reprogramming, especially when connecting to a new service provider.

solinst cloud levelsender field utility



The Firmware Upgrade Utility is downloaded along with the Solinst Cloud LevelSender Field Utility. See the LevelSender 5 User Guide for firmware update instructions.