4.0 SolSat 5 Setup

To set up your SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry, go to Settings, then select "Setup".

The first step will provide you with a Glossary of terms to help with the setup.

Barometric Pressure (BP): Atmospheric pressure; measured by SolSat 5.

Water Pressure (WP): Absolute pressure; measured by the Solinst datalogger.

Water Depth (WD): Calculated water height over the Solinst datalogger zero point (WD=WP-BP).

Depth to Water: The distance between the reference point and the water level.

Reference Point: The user-defined point of reference (top of casing, ground level, etc.)

Water Probe Distance: Depth to water + Water depth

Click Next to start the setup.

figure 4-1 solsat 5 setup glossary

Figure 4-1 SolSat 5 Setup Glossary