1.2.2 Barometric Pressure

The Barologger is designed for use in air only. It has a specific range and firmware algorithms based on air pressure rather than water pressure. This makes the Barologger less accurate if used in water, but more accurate if used as intended in air. Using a Barologger is the most accurate and convenient method of obtaining atmospheric pressure and air temperature measurements, which are then synchronized to the Levelogger. The Data Wizard in the Levelogger Software simplifies the adjustment of the level measurements for barometric pressure changes, by using the synchronized data from all Leveloggers on site and the site Barologger.


The Levelogger Gold, Levelogger Junior and current LTC Levelogger Edge models convert pressure readings to the water level equivalent above the datalogger's pressure zero point of 950 cm (31.17 ft). The Levelogger Edge and Levelogger Junior Edge have no zero point offset. As such, water level data will appear different, although measuring the same amount of pressure. Barometric Compensation using the Data Wizard, automatically considers this zero point offset difference when compensating a mix of Models.

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