Solinst Cloud

solinst cloud water level data management and water level datalogger device control


Solinst Cloud is a device and data-management tool that provides quick and secure access to all your crucial water monitoring projects in one spot. Effortlessly connect to your remote monitoring sites and Solinst devices using a web-based application in your browser. Solinst Cloud is an all-encompassing solution for maintaining projects and providing real-time access to your devices, data and alarms.

Solinst Cloud provides a powerful interface to configure your LevelSender telemetry systems and monitoring networks. It intuitively organizes your information into projects, making it easy to get your data. The Dashboard view is simple to navigate to critical details, such as alarm triggers and the latest reports.


Convenient Project Management

Solinst Cloud allows you to organize your remote monitoring sites into projects for simplified management.

The Dashboard provides an organized overview of all your projects, including a list and map view. You can quickly find each project for more details and data, or click a location on the map to view the latest readings from a site.

The Dashboard also indicates if any alarms have triggered (e.g. high or low water levels, no communication, etc.) so you can assess and react in a timely manner.

Solinst Cloud gives you control of who has access to data and project details and defining their roles in the Solinst Cloud account (e.g. member, manager, etc.).

solinst cloud project access details


solinst cloud dashboard


Advantages of the Solinst Cloud


Simplified Device Management

Connecting and programming your LevelSender telemetry systems is straightforward using the Solinst Cloud and Solinst SIM Card. Once programmed and deployed, modify LevelSender settings remotely, saving you time and costs from site visits. To help maintain your systems, diagnostic information can be obtained from a LevelSender while connected to the Solinst Cloud or a convenient PC Field Utility.

Compatible with LevelSender 5 using the following Solinst dataloggers:

solinst cloud levelsender pre start diagnostics


solinst cloud levelsender settings


Secure Data Management

Data reported to the Solinst Cloud can be instantly viewed in your project data list, with the option to select different graphs and charts to help visualize what is going on at your monitoring site.

There is flexibility to view different parameters, time-frames, and to drill-in on the exact data you are looking for.

You can upload data logs from other Solinst dataloggers to add robustness to your project data or for comparison and other purposes.

All data reports can be downloaded from the Solinst Cloud. When downloading LevelSender reports, both the raw and compensated data files are saved.

solinst cloud view data logs


solinst cloud levelsender data collection