11.0 Solinst Levelogger App: Connected Datalogger Diagnostics

To view diagnostic information from a connected datalogger, select Diagnostics from the Navigation Menu or from the options on the Dataloggers Screen. The Diagnostics Utility can be used to run self-tests, recover a previous data log (Edge Series only), create and email reports, regenerate data files, and reset a vented datalogger.

The following will be displayed once Diagnostics is selected:

  1. Datalogger Serial Number
  2. Levelogger App Interface Serial Number
  3. Datalogger Model Number
  4. Datalogger Firmware Version
  5. Datalogger Battery Voltage
  6. Datalogger Battery Charge Level
  7. Current Level Reading
  8. Current Temperature Reading
  9. Current Conductivity Reading (LTC Leveloggers only)
  10. Max/Min Temperature Reading
  11. Max Pressure Reading
  12. Max Conductivity Reading (LTC Leveloggers only)
  13. Total Number of Logs

This information can be used to identify firmware, battery and/or temperature/pressure/conductivity sensor problems.

solinst datalogger diagnostics utility ios

Figure 11-1 Diagnostics Utility - iOS

solinst datalogger diagnostics utility android

Figure 11-2 Diagnostics Utility - Android