13 Troubleshooting

13.1 Problems During Installation of Levelogger Software

'Class not Registered' or 'DLL not found' or 'Access violation'

  1. You may not have Administrator Rights to install the software in the Windows 10 or 11 environment.
    - Ask your System Administrator for assistance.
  2. Some files got corrupted during installation of the Levelogger software. Use 'Add/Remove Programs' to uninstall then re-install the latest version of Levelogger Software downloaded from the Solinst website Downloads section.


13.2 Error During Software Uninstall Process

The 'Add/Remove Program' cannot locate the Levelogger <setup.exe> file of the software or the link between the software and the 'Add/Remove Program' is damaged.

The record in the Registry Table must be removed:

  1. Ask your System Administrator to remove this.
  2. Refer to the following link from Microsoft Website for instructions: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;247501


13.3 Data Has Been Erased Accidentally

For Levelogger Edge and Gold Series dataloggers, if the datalogger has been restarted and old data has not been saved, go to Download Options and choose Recover Previous Log.


13.4 Error Messages During Use of Software

'Communication Time Out' or 'Communication Error' or 'The Command that is sent to the Levelogger 5/Edge is not defined'

  1. Try communicating with another Levelogger, Desktop Reader 5, Field Reader 5, or Direct Read Cable. The communication cables or Levelogger may be damaged.
  2. Clean the optical eye(s) on the Levelogger and the cable, with a soft cloth.
  3. Check that the communication cable is connected to the same Com Port that is chosen in the upper middle of the Main Window of the Levelogger software.
  4. Check the Com port settings. They should be as follows:
    • Bits per second: 9600
    • Data bits: 8
    • Parity: None
    • Stop bits: 1
    • Flow control: None
      (This may have been set to Xon/Xoff – change it to None, Select [OK] and back out of this pathway.)

The route to view your Com port settings is as follows:

  1. Try using a different computer, to see if this is the cause of the problem.
  2. If using a laptop (especially in conjunction with a Direct Read Cable) your Com Port may not be powered adequately to receive/transmit data. Try using a desktop computer to test this.
  3. If problem persists, contact Solinst.


'Port Cannot Open'

  1. If using a USB device, ensure you plugged it in before starting the Levelogger Software.
  2. Ensure the correct Com Port is selected in the upper middle of the Main Window of the Levelogger software.
  3. If the correct Com Port is not available, a USB Driver installation or update may be required.
  4. Check if some other software is using the same Com Port in the background. Shut that software down or choose another Com Port if available. Such background software may be anti-virus software or PDA software.
  5. Make sure your Com Port has been enabled:
    • Select Control Panels
    • Double click on System
    • Select the Device Manager Tab
    • Double click on Ports
    • Double click on Communications Port(s)
    • Choose General
    • Uncheck 'Disable in this hardware profile box'


'File Create Error' and 'File Write Error'

  1. If you do not have file-writing privileges to the Levelogger default data folder, change the folder as follows: in the Levelogger software, click 'Configuration' then 'Application Settings'. Under 'Default Directory', enter a new destination folder, to which you have file writing privileges, e.g. 'My Documents'. Follow the same procedure if you have the same problem when you export the data file in csv format.
  2. Ask your System Administrator for assistance.


'File Open Error' and 'File Read Error'

  1. Shut down or disable any other software that is active and using the same file.
  2. In Notepad or Wordpad, open the <*.xle> or <*.lls> file to check for corruptions in the file. How are the Levelogger files ended?
  3. If problems persist contact Solinst for assistance.


'Time Span Error, some data cannot be compensated'

  1. Find another barometric data file that has the same time stamp as the Levelogger.
  2. Perform the compensation (a simple subtraction) in a spreadsheet program for any missing time stamps.


'A different type of Levelogger is detected'

Try clicking the Retrieve Settings icon again, or replace the Levelogger currently in the Optical Reader with the one that was previously being worked on, and complete the operation.


'The selected file is not a barometer'

Select a Barologger for the compensation process.


'Data Corrupted'

Contact Solinst for assistance. Use Levelogger Diagnostic Utility to do a memory dump and sent the dump file to Solinst for further analysis.


'Internal Error'

Contact Solinst for assistance.


'Fail to append data - A different Levelogger has been detected!' or 'Fail to append data - A different start time has been detected!' or 'Fail to append data - New data is not available in the Levelogger!'

The Levelogger software can only append data to a file that has the same serial number and start time as the connected Levelogger. Find the correct file, or use 'All Data' to download the complete file.


'Only Levelogger 5/Edge/Gold supports this function'

The 'Append Data', 'Partial Download' and 'Data Recovery' functions are only supported by the Levelogger 5/Edge/Gold loggers, not previous version Leveloggers.


'Schedule cannot be empty'

When using the 'Schedule' sampling option in a Levelogger Gold/Edge, the schedule must contain at least one item.


'Readings in schedule exceed the maximum'

The number of readings in a schedule should not result in more than 150,000 individual readings.


13.5 Levelogger Startup Issues After a Firmware Upgrade

If your Levelogger fails to start after a firmware upgrade, follow these steps in sequence to resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure that you have successfully upgraded the firmware to the latest version. Refer to the instructions in Section 12 to make sure you have completed the upgrade correctly. Refer to the Levelogger Hardware Compatibility chart at: https://www.solinst.com/products/data/3001compatibility.pdf to ensure you have used the latest Software and Firmware to upgrade your Levelogger.
  2. With your Levelogger connected, go to the Data Control tab in the Levelogger PC Software. Locate and delete all the stored data for that Levelogger. See Section 7.1.2. Make sure to do this only if you have previously downloaded and saved these files elsewhere.
  3. After deleting the files, restart your Levelogger. This step should help resolve any startup issues caused by the firmware upgrade.

Remember to follow the sequence above to resolve the issue. If you continue to experience problems, contact Solinst for further assistance.


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