Calibration of the Conductivity Sensor

The conductivity sensor of the LTC Levelogger Junior is a highly sensitive device requiring regular calibration by the user. The conductivity calibration frequency is dependent on the water quality of the Levelogger's monitoring environment. To determine whether an LTC Levelogger Junior should be recalibrated, test the unit in a solution with a known electrical conductivity value at a reference temperature. In Real Time View, observe current readings by using the Read Now function. If this reading varies from the known Specific Conductance of the solution by greater than 2% of the Full Scale of Conductivity measurement, the unit should be recalibrated using the Conductivity Calibration Wizard procedure outlined in Section 6. As a minimum, calibrate your LTC Levelogger Junior at least twice a year. Ensure that a conductivity calibration is performed when the LTC Levelogger Junior is being set up for its initial use and after long periods of dry storage.