3.1.1 LED Light Identification

The Solinst STS Telemetry System has an LED light that indicates the operation and status of the STS system:

Blue: STS is powered up and connected to a PC using the USB Programming Cable.

Flashing yellow: STS has been programmed and is waiting to start at a scheduled Future Start time.

Flashing green: STS has been programmed and is running on schedule.

Flashing white: STS is uploading data from the connected dataloggers.

Flashing red: A failure has been detected.


If you restore the STS factory settings using the STS Field Utility (see Section 4.8.1) the LED will be tested by cycling through all the colours, including red. This red light does not indicate an error.


The following are possible errors that may have occurred, if the LED is flashing red:

  1. The battery voltage/power is too low (i.e. < 10V)
  2. Modem power issue

First, check to see if the battery needs recharging or changing. Check the connections to the STS.

Check modem and wiring for short circuits.

You can reset the LED by "Restoring Factory Settings", stopping logging and restarting, or testing the Home Station connection in the STS Field Utility. See Section 4.8.

If the LED is still red, contact Solinst for further assistance.