Water Level Dataloggers & Telemetry Systems

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Levelogger Edge

solinst levelogger edge groundwater dataloggers

The Levelogger Edge provides absolute precision when measuring groundwater and surface water levels and temperature. It uses a Hastelloy pressure sensor, providing readings with 0.05% accuracy and lifetime calibration. Memory can store up to 120,000 readings using linear compression sampling. Titanium based coating on the outer housing provides corrosion resistance. Battery lasts 10 years. More >>


Levelogger Junior Edge

solinst levelogger junior edge

The Levelogger Junior Edge is a cost-effective water level and temperature datalogger. It features a Hastelloy pressure sensor, 5-year battery, and memory for 40,000 level and temperature data points. It is compatible will all Levelogger accessories and software. Levelogger Junior Edge has an accuracy of 0.1% FS and lifetime calibration. More >>


LTC Levelogger Edge

solinst ltc levelogger edge conductivity dataloggers

The LTC Levelogger Edge provides the convenience of conductivity, temperature, and water level measurements in one instrument. The LTC Levelogger Edge combines a datalogger with memory for 27,000 data sets, 8-year battery, Hastelloy pressure sensor, and temperature and conductivity sensors in a small waterproof housing. Titanium ceramic PVD coating protects from corrosion. More >>


Rainlogger Edge

solinst rainlogger edge rain gauge dataloggers

The Model 3002 Rainlogger Edge is designed for use with Levelogger Software and most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges. The Rainlogger Edge logs each tip by the rain gauge and outputs the total rainfall per time period. Compact in design, this durable field unit offers long-term reliability with a 10-year battery, non-volatile memory for up to 60,000 readings, and an ABS housing that provides ESD protection. More >>



solinst aquavent vented water level logger

The AquaVent uses a vented pressure transducer to provide accurate datalogging of water levels; temperature is also recorded. Memory holds up to 120,000 data sets. User-replaceable batteries can last 8 years. Custom Vented Cables are available to 500 ft. The AquaVent is used with Solinst Levelogger Software, and has the option to communicate using SDI-12 or MODBUS protocols. More >>


Levelogger App & Levelogger App Interface

solinst levelogger app interface

The Levelogger App Interface uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect your Leveloggers to your smart device, equipped with the Solinst Levelogger App. The Levelogger App Interface simply attaches to the top end of your Levelogger's Direct Read Cable. With the Solinst Levelogger App, you can download data, view real-time data, e-mail data, and program your Leveloggers. More >>




solinst datagrabber usb data transfer unit for leveloggers

The Solinst Model 3001 DataGrabber for Leveloggers provides a very simple option for downloading Levelogger data in the field. The DataGrabber connects to the top end of your Levelogger's Direct Read Cable, or to the Levelogger using an Optical Adaptor. One push-button copies all of the data in the connected Levelogger's memory to a USB flash drive key. More >>


Direct Read to Optical Adaptor

solinst levelogger direct read to optical adaptor

The Levelogger Direct Read to Optical Adaptor allows you to directly connect your Levelogger the Levelogger App Interface without the need for a Direct Read Cable. More >>


Lockable Levelogger Well Caps

solinst lockable levelogger well caps

The Locking Well Caps are designed for installing Leveloggers using wireline, Kevlar rope, or Direct Read Cables in 2", or 4" wells with a Reducer. The eyebolt on the underside of the Cap provides a secure tie-off point. The Well Cap insert allows the installation of a Levelogger and Barologger in the same well. More >>



solinst levelsender telemetry system for leveloggers

The LevelSender is a low cost telemetry system that is simple to configure and easy to deploy. It uses cellular communication to send data from Leveloggers in the field to your email, as a text message, as well as to the database on your Home Station computer. The LevelSender is very compact – small enough to fit inside a 2" well with a Levelogger and Barologger connected. More >>


STS Telemetry System

solinst sts telemetry systems remote water level monitoring using leveloggers

Solinst Telemetry Systems are designed for use with the Levelogger Series of dataloggers. The STS System allows 2-way communication between remotely located Leveloggers and a computer Home Station. Wireless cellular communication provides flexibility. Intuitive software makes for simple setup, operation, and data management. More >>


RRL Remote Radio Link System

solinst rrl remote radio link telemetry system for leveloggers

The RRL Remote Radio Link system offers a very simple and inexpensive method of local telemetry. The wireless system is designed to collect water level data logged by the Levelogger Series of dataloggers, and send it via short-distance radio to your computer. The RRL is excellent for small, closed loop monitoring well networks such as at landfills, golf courses, or mine sites. More >>


SDI-12 Protocol

solinst sdi 12 cable for leveloggers

The Levelogger Series is SDI-12 compatible, and able to link to PLC and SCADA systems. Current Levelogger customers can upgrade their dataloggers to communicate in SDI-12 mode by simply purchasing an SDI-12 communications cable. The Leveloggers independent logging provides reliable back-up data. More >>