2.4 Connecting Dataloggers

Each LevelSender has a single port to connect one datalogger. An optional splitter allows the connection of a second datalogger. Leveloggers are connected to the LevelSender using a 3 foot long Reader Cable connected to the Levelogger's Direct Read Cable.

To connect a Reader Cable to the LevelSender station, remove the black dust cap from the connection on the LevelSender, line up the holes in the connectors, push the Reader Cable connector into the connection on the LevelSender and screw the Reader Cable into the LevelSender until finger-tight. Connect the other end of the Reader Cable to the top end of the Levelogger's Direct Read Cable.


A Direct Read to Optical Adaptor can be used in place of a Direct Read Cable when installing a Barologger. The Adaptor can not be submerged.


See the Levelogger User Guide for more information on connecting Direct Read Cables to your Leveloggers.

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Figure 2-5 Connecting Leveloggers


2.4.1 Splitters

Splitters allow the connection of two dataloggers to each LevelSender. To connect a Splitter to the LevelSender, remove the black dust cap, line up the holes in the connectors, and screw the Splitter into the LevelSender connection until finger-tight. Reader Cables are connected to the Splitters in the same manner they are connected directly to the LevelSender.

connecting splitters

Figure 2-6 Connecting Splitters



When using a Splitter, the number 1 or 2 will identify the Dataloggers in LevelSender Software. The numbers are labeled directly on the Splitter.