8.5 Installation Precautions

Carefully lower the logger into water. The impact of suddenly dropping the logger into water could permanently damage the transducer. Care should be taken to avoid dropping the logger against a hard surface.

Other important considerations when installing the logger in pressurized or intermittently pressurized locations such as pressure vessels, pressurized pipes, pulse flow conditions, drop structures or near hydraulics works, is to keep in mind the potential effect of water or steam hammer and hydraulic jump.

Water hammer is caused by an abrupt alteration of flow direction resulting in pressure surges. Steam hammer occurs when steam enters a cold pipe partially filled with water. The hammer effect has the potential to significantly increase hydraulic pressure possibly exposing the pressure sensor to pressures beyond its maximum rating.

Hydraulic jump is a phenomenon that occurs when water is 'lifted' or 'ramped' by velocity or flow obstructions. Hydraulic jump causes turbulence and creates non-representative head conditions in the water column. Care should be taken to avoid installation at points susceptible to hydraulic jump.