LevelVent 5 Field Notes


It is recommended to take a manual water level measurement before installing a LevelVent 5, shortly after installation, periodically during your monitoring interval, and at the end of your measurement period. Use these measurements to verify LevelVent 5 readings, and for data adjustments later on. Ensure you take manual readings as close in time as possible to a scheduled LevelVent 5 reading.



The LevelVent 5 logger can withstand overpressurization of 2 times the intended range, e.g. a Model M10 can accommodate a fluctuation of 20 meters or 60 feet and still record pressure. However, over-range accuracy is not guaranteed.


Before Deployment

Make sure you do the following:



solinst locking well caps

solinst well hanger bracket


For tips, precautions, and more information on installations in different environments and applications, see the latest Vented Dataloggers User Guide.

solinst levelvent 5 vented water level datalogger deployment


After Deployment

Make sure you do the following: