4.2 Programming a RRL Network

When you select a specific RRL Gold Station from the list in the STS Administrator window, choosing “Edit Site Setup” will allow you to edit the settings for that RRL Station.


Selecting “Delete” when a RRL Gold Station is highlighted will prompt a window asking if you are sure you want to delete that station. You must delete all stations in a site before the entire network can be deleted.

solinst rrl user guide editing rrl stations editing remote radio link stations editing solinst rrl stations editing solinst remote radio link stations image

Figure 4-21 Editing a RRL Station


There are three steps when editing a RRL Gold Station’s settings. Step 1 allows you to enter a new Location, Program Com Port and Sample Rate. Step 2 allows you to add or edit the attached Leveloggers and their settings. Step 3 retrieves the new settings and allows you to choose between applying the changes to the RRL Station by connecting it to the PC, or the “Remote Schedule Update” allows you to make the changes in the software, and the new settings will be applied to the RRL Station with its next scheduled report to the Home Station.

Figure 4-22 Editing a RRL Gold Station - Steps 1 and 3