1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this User Guide is to describe the operation of a LevelSender 5 telemetry system, including programing using LevelSender PC Software Utility, installation, and data collection.


LevelSender Telemetry can also be set up using the Solinst Cloud. See the Solinst Cloud User Guide.

LevelSender 5 telemetry is a simple, low cost system designed to wirelessly send data from Solinst dataloggers in the field, via 4G LTE cellular communication, to an FTP server, and/or multiple emails and an SMS (text) recipient, as well as the "Home Station" PC.

Initial setup for each LevelSender 5 remote station is done using the LevelSender PC Software Utility and a USB connection. Each LevelSender is programmed with a "Sampling Rate", the rate at which the LevelSender collects data from the attached datalogger(s), and a "Reporting Rate", the rate at which the LevelSender reports the collected data via FTP, email and SMS. Optionally, dataloggers themselves can be set up to record and store data independently of the LevelSender as a backup. High and low level alarms can also be set.

With each report, data is sent to an FTP server as text or *.csv files, and/or as text to the email and SMS recipients. Data is automatically saved to a SQLite database on the Home Station PC, which the user can access for use in their own customized database. Data can also be imported by LevelSender Software at the Home Station, where email can be viewed and saved as files, and data exported as *.csv files or *.xle files for use in Levelogger Software. An internal barometer allows barometrically compensated water level data to be reported.

Changes to the sampling and reporting schedule can be done directly through a USB cable and the LevelSender Software. Alternatively, remote schedule changes can be sent to individual LevelSender stations using the LevelSender Software (via email).