Why Use Telemetry Systems?

Telemetry systems for water monitoring offer cost savings, flexibility and easy access to remote monitoring locations.









STS Edge


RRL Gold (Remote Radio Link)


Built For Solinst Dataloggers

Solinst Telemetry Systems are dedicated for use with Solinst dataloggers. This provides the advantage of combining a user-friendly telemetry system with high quality dataloggers.

Solinst dataloggers are ideal for remote monitoring, with independent user-defined logging schedules as a back-up. They have long battery life, power surge protection and a non-volatile memory. If programmed separately, dataloggers record regardless of the status of the Telemetry System.

Solinst dataloggers are low maintenance.These reliable, durable dataloggers have intuitive software with many useful features, such as self-tests and firmware upgrade and diagnostic utilities.