Solinst Telemetry Systems

Solinst Telemetry Systems are designed for use with the Solinst Levelogger Series of dataloggers. They offer two-way communication and control from your own desktop. You choose the Levelogger, the best communication method to suit your site, access the intuitive software to create sampling and reporting schedules, then view and manage data on your Home Station computer in any way you choose.

STS Gold Systems can be set up using GSM or CDMA digital cellular wireless communications. They are powered by a sealed lead-acid 12V battery, with optional solar trickle charging or direct AC power. RRL Gold Radio Stations use six replaceable lithium batteries, and also have the option of a back-up power source.

STS Telemetry Systems are ideal for large networks. Hundreds of remote stations can report to a single Home Station computer. RRL Gold Radio Telemetry is ideal for small closed loop networks.




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