SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry Data Collection

Data Management using

Data sent in each SolSat 5 report can be accessed by going to, where you enter your username and password.

The Site Index shows a summary of your sites, including the number of devices, the last report time, and the alarm status.

Click on site, then a device name to view the historical data for the selected device. Along with water level and temperature data, each report includes battery voltage for the SolSat 5. You can select to view a specific date range, which will provide you with statistics and daily max, min and mean average data. Data can also be viewed in a graph and exported as for use in other programs. also allows you to add new users to your account, manage users, manage your remote sites, devices and alarms, as well as create reports. See the SolSat 5 User Guide for more details.


There are Quick Help tips throughout to help navigate all of the features.

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