Levelogger Deployment & Communication

solinst levelogger deployment options

Deployment Options


Wireline/Kevlar Cord Deployment

Use this method when you wish to minimize up front costs, and pre-program Leveloggers in the office. Lower into the well, suspended on wireline or Kevlar cord from a Solinst 2" (4" with reducer) Lockable Well Cap.

solinst lockable 2 inch well caps

The Solinst Lockable 2" Well Cap when used with a stainless steel wireline and hook, or a Kevlar Cord.


levelogger stainless steel suspension cable

Stainless Steel Wireline Cable Spool and Hook.

solinst kevlar cord leveloggers

Spool of Kevlar Cord.



Direct Read Cable Deployment

Use this method when you want direct communication with your Levelogger while it is deployed, and to view real-time readings. Deploy with Direct Read Cables using a Solinst 2" (4" with reducer) Lockable Well Cap.

solinst lockable well cap leveloggers

The Solinst 2" Lockable Well Cap has openings for two Direct Read Cables and an opening for other monitoring equipment, such as a Water Level Meter.

solinst direct read cables

Direct Read Cables are available in lengths up to 1500 ft (450 m).

Support Hanger Bracket

A Support Hanger Bracket provides an option for supporting and organizing down well wires or cords,
or for coiling extra Direct Read Cable if the full length is not required.


solinst levelogger edge deployments options diagram


solinst levelogger artesian well fitting

Levelogger Artesian Well Fitting


Monitoring Artesian Conditions

Solinst offers an assembly for monitoring artesian wells. It provides options for inwell, and top of well installation, and can accommodate the use of Direct Read Cables.



Communication Options


Communicating with Solinst Levelogger PC Software

solinst levelogger communication

Standard (Wireline/Kevlar Cord) Communication To retrieve data or re-program, remove the Levelogger from the well and use an Optical Reader attached to a portable or office computer.


solinst levelogger direct read communication package


Direct Read Communication

Pre-program Levelogger Water Level Dataloggers in the office using an Optical Reader. In the field use a laptop and PC Interface Cable, to program, view or download data. The Direct Read Communication Package from Solinst includes an Optical Reader and PC Interface Cable.


solinst levelogger app interface

In-field Communication


Levelogger App Interface connected to a Direct Read Cable provides a wireless Bluetooth® connection between the Levelogger and the Solinst Levelogger App on your iOS or Android™ smart device, for programming or downloading data.


solinst datagrabber usb data transfer device




A DataGrabber connected to a Direct Read Cable allows Levelogger data to be copied to a USB memory key.






solinst direct read to optical adaptor for levelogger

A Direct Read to Optical Adaptor allows direct connection of a Levelogger to a Levelogger App Interface or DataGrabber for programming or downloading data in the field. This is useful for Leveloggers not deployed using a Direct Read Cable. A slip fit version is also available.



Remote Monitoring Options


Solinst Telemetry Systems

Solinst has options for wireless remote communication using cellular or radio telemetry. Real-time data is sent from field-located Leveloggers to your office PC or smart device.

solinst levelsender telemetry systems for water level dataloggers

The LevelSender uses GSM cellular communication to send Levelogger data to your Home Station PC and smart device using email or SMS. Fits in a 2" well.


solinst remote telemetry systems leveloggers

STS Telemetry Systems use GSM/CDMA cellular communication to send remote water level data from Leveloggers to a Home Station PC.


solinst rrl remote radio link telemetry system for leveloggers

RRL Remote Radio Link uses short-distance radio to send remote water level data from Leveloggers to a Home Station radio connected to a PC.


solinst sdi-12 interface cable

Solinst Leveloggers are able to communicate with third-party dataloggers using SDI-12 protocol, by connecting a Levelogger's Direct Read Cable to a Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable.



For Information on deploying the Rainlogger Edge, see our Rainlogger Edge Setup document.

For information on deploying your Leveloggers in surface water applications, see our Long-term Open Channel and Surface Water Monitoring with Leveloggers technical bulletin.

Always ensure proper maintenance and care of your Levelogger, see our Ensuring Proper Use and Maintenance of Leveloggers technical bulletin.



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