1.1 Compatibility

The SDI-12 Interface Cable (V2.000 and up) is compatible with Levelogger Firmware:
  • Levelogger Edge: V3.003 and up
  • Barologger Edge: V3.003 and up
  • Levelogger Junior Edge: V3.003 and up
  • LTC Levelogger Junior: V2.005 and up
  • Rainlogger Edge: V3.000 and up
  • Levelogger Gold: V2.007 and up
  • Barologger Gold: V2.007 and up
  • Levelogger Junior: V2.007 and up
  • Rainlogger: V2.000 and up

Note: To download the latest version of the Levelogger or Rainlogger firmware, please go to our downloads page.


SDI-12 Cables sold before August 25, 2009 will not be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Junior.

SDI-12 Cables sold after September 28, 2011 will be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Junior, Levelogger Edge and the Levelogger Junior Edge, as well as older models.

SDI-12 Cables sold after February 10, 2012 will be compatible with the new Rainlogger using V2.000 Firmware and up, as well as all other Levelogger models.