3.0 STS Telemetry Hardware

STS Telemetry Systems come with standardized equipment configurations; the STS, modem with antennas and required cables, Internal Battery Cable, USB Programming Cable, NEMA 4X enclosure, armored protective conduit, and 3 NPT weatherproof fittings.

STS Systems are powered by a user-supplied 12V sealed lead-acid battery. Dataloggers and their connection cables are also purchased separately. The following figures show the standard setups and cables:

solinst sts telemetry system hardware setup with levelogger connected

Figure 3-1 STS Telemetry System (#114231) - Levelogger Connected


solinst sts telemetry system hardware setup with levelvent connected

Figure 3-2 STS Telemetry System (#114231) - LevelVent Connected



See Section 4.6 for setup when bridging an RRL Network.