3.3 Power Source

STS Telemetry Systems use a 12V battery to operate. Solinst recommends using a 12-30 AHr deep-cycle, rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. The STS Assembly is configured in the enclosure to fit a battery up to 7.5" (190 mm) across, 6.0" (152 mm) deep into the enclosure, and 6.5" (165 mm) in height.

The battery is connected to the "Power" connection on the STS Remote Station, using the Solinst supplied Internal Battery Cable, complete with an 8 Amp SLO-BLO fuse. The red wire is connected to the positive terminal on the battery, and the black wire to the negative terminal. You will require a small flat screwdriver to connect the Battery Cable to the STS.

Battery life estimates are discussed in Section 7.2.1.

Solinst also offers an External Power Regulator Assembly, which allows the connection of a user-supplied external battery, AC power adaptor, AC battery charger, or solar panel. Power options are discussed in Section 7.2.2.