2.2 Wireless Carrier Requirements


The LevelSender system supports using dynamic IPs for the Home Station and the remote LevelSender stations.

LevelSender 5 operation requires setting up a cellular account with a wireless carrier. They will provide you with the information required to set up your LevelSender.

Request a data usage service plan for a GSM network. The LevelSender 5 uses a GSM 3G cellular quad-band modem (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), using GPRS class 10 (not CDMA compatible).

You do not require voice access or voice features. If you plan on sending SMS reports, you will require text messaging, but ensure texting charges do not apply (i.e. unlimited texting).

Your cellular service provider will give to you an activated SIM card, APN (Access Point Name), account type, user name, and password.


You will also require an email account dedicated to sending and receiving emails at the Home Station, as well as separate, unique email addresses for each LevelSender station. This can be set-up on your own, or with the help of your IT department.


2.2.1 Installing the SIM Card


The LevelSender uses a standard size SIM card (15 mm x 25 mm). A SIM card adaptor can be used, if required.

To install the SIM Card:

  1. With the top cap removed (see Section 2.1.2), insert the SIM card into the slot on the top of the LevelSender, as shown in the photo below.


    To remove the SIM card, press down on the card and it will spring up and out of the slot.

  2. Lower the top cap over the installed antenna (see Section 2.1.2). Push the top cap into place. This may take some force, as there is an o-ring on the top of the LevelSender and in the top cap antenna opening.
  3. Replace the three screws to secure the top cap.

installing solinst levelsender sim card

Figure 2-3 Installing the SIM Card