4.2 Programming a RRL Gold Network

Step 2: Network Configuration

After you select “RRL Gold Site”, the RRL Network Setup screen will open. In this screen you will enter the settings for your RRL Gold Network.

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Figure 4-4 RRL Network Setup Screen


If a higher Radio Power setting is selected, the battery at the RRL Gold Station will be drained more quickly, therefore you may require an external power source.


If the highest Radio Power setting is still not adequate to communicate the distance required, you may need a more sensitive antenna or the addition of a Relay Station.


Longer Report Rate intervals will conserve battery power at Remote Stations.

Report Rate and Report Duration are important if multiple RRL Gold Stations will be reporting to one Home Station. Setting up a schedule will avoid conflicts that may occur if more than one RRL Station contacts the Home Station at the same time.


If your Reporting Rate is less than 3 hours, an external power source is recommended.


If you have three Remote Stations reporting to one Home Station, all with a Report Rate of 15 minutes, you will want to set a Report Duration of 5 minutes (or less) for each RRL Station. This ensures that each Remote Station has enough time to send the data within the 15 minutes allotted on the Home Station.

If you have set a Network Start Time of 12:00 PM, your RRL Remote Stations will begin collecting data at 12:00 PM. At 12:15, the first Remote Station will report its data; the second will report data at 12:20 PM, and the third at 12:25.