LevelSender Software Setup

6) Download LevelSender Software

solinst levelsender software main window showing levelsender settings tab

LevelSender Software Main Window – LevelSender Settings Tab

Download the newest version of LevelSender Software on your home station PC, at: www.solinst.com/downloads/

The Software Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Default Directory is <C:\Program Files\Solinst\ LevelSender>


solinst levelsender email server and login information in the home station email setup window

Enter your Email Server and Login Information in the
Home Station Email Setup Window

7) Set Up Home Station Email

To enable your Home Station to receive emails/data, and send remote updates, you must set up a Home Station email. Multiple LevelSenders can report to one Home Station email.

To set up your Home Station email, open the LevelSender Software and click  email setup icon.

Once you have set up your Home Station email, you can test that the settings you entered are correct by clicking email icon.

This will open the LevelSender Email Client. You can access the LevelSender Email Client at any time to view all emails received and sent by the Home Station, including test emails.


Emails are not required if you are using Solinst Cloud. See separate User Guide.

solinst levelsender email client window

LevelSender Email Client



The Home Station Email can also be set up by selecting Email Account Configuration from the Configuration menu in the LevelSender Software.


8) Connect LevelSender 5 to PC

For initial setup and direct communication with LevelSender Software or Solinst Cloud, the LevelSender must be connected to the PC using a USB cable. The connection is accessed by loosening the antenna nut and removing it along with the top cap (see Step 3).


connecting solinst levelsender to pc personal computer