6 Conductivity Calibration Setup

  1. Setup: The Levelogger Software requires the user to select the calibration solutions. You can choose up to four (three for the LTC Levelogger Junior) solutions for a multipoint calibration of the LTC Levelogger. Ensure the solutions are ready in the calibration beaker or container. Start the calibration by selecting Next.


To obtain the highest accuracy, choose the calibration solution closest to your expected conductivity. Use a two point calibration for waters midway between two calibration solutions. Use a one point calibration for waters less than 1,413 µS/cm and above 80,000 uS/cm (12,880 uS/cm for the LTC Levelogger Junior).

figure 6-4 ltc levelogger calibration wizard step 2

Figure 6-4 Levelogger Conductivity Calibration Wizard Step 2

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