1.1.5 Rainlogger 5

solinst rainlogger 5 rainfall dataloggers

The Rainlogger 5 is designed for use with most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges. It records each tip time from the tipping-bucket, and outputs the amount of rainfall per programmed time period based on rainfall calibration constant shown on the tipping-bucket.


Solinst recommends using the most recent Rainlogger 5 firmware version with the latest Levelogger Software version. See Section 2.3.


Rainlogger 5 Technical Specifications
Battery Life: 10 years (logging 2 parameters/10 minutes)
Clock Accuracy: ± 1 minute/year
Operating Temperature: -20˚C to 80˚C
Maximum # Readings: Up to 100,000 tip times
Memory: Continuous or Slate mode
Com Interface: Optical high-speed: USB, SDI-12
Communication Speed: 9600 bps, 57,600 bps with USB
Measurement: Records each tip by the tipping-bucket rain gauge and outputs the amount of rainfall
Sampling Mode: Event Based, Future Start, Real TIme View
Size: 22 mm x 160 mm (7/8" x 6.3")
Weight: 50 grams (1.8 oz)
Materials: ABS, Delrin, Viton


tipping-bucket connector cable


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