Model 9200 Y-Splitter Instructions


Y-Splitters allow the attachment of up to four Leveloggers to a RRL Station. One or two Splitters can be used, each allowing the connection of two Leveloggers.



  1. Remove the black dust cap from the connection on the RRL.

  2. Line up the holes in the Splitter and RRL connectors and screw the Splitter into the RRL connection until fingertight.

solinst rrl remote radio link y splitter instructions 109701 remote radio link y splitter instructions rrl y splitter instructions image

Position the Splitter as shown in the photo above to accommodate two Splitters on the RRL Station.


Leveloggers are connected to the Splitter using a Direct Read Cable,
which is attached to a Reader Cable that connects to the RRL.


Y-Splitter (part# 109700)

The connections for Leveloggers on the RRL Stations are identified as Right and Left in the RRL Gold Software.
This assumes the RRL Station is facing with the black label towards you. When using a Splitter, the number
1 or 2 will identify the Leveloggers. The numbers 1 and 2 are labeled directly on the Splitter.


  1. To connect the Reader Cable, line up the holes in the connectors, push the Reader Cable connector into the connection on the Splitter and screw the Splitter onto the Reader Cable until finger-tight. Direct Read Cables with attached Leveloggers are threaded to the Reader Cables.