4.8.1 STS Edge Tab

solinst sts edge telemetry system tab

Figure 4-19 STS Edge Tab


The STS Edge tab will display the Serial Number of the connected STS Edge Telemetry System, the battery level of the Remote Station, The STS Edge Time, the Signal Strength of the modem, the STS Edge Firmware Version, the percentage of remaining Free Memory in the STS Edge, the STS Edge System Status, and the Modem Power and GPS status.

STS Edge Status descriptions are as follows:

In the STS Edge tab, you can turn a connected modem on or off by clicking, or .

You can restore the factory settings of the STS Edge by clicking . Sampling and reporting is stopped. This may be useful before you want to reprogram your STS Edge for a new site.

You can disable or enable GPS location for the STS Edge by clicking . Select "Get Location" from the drop-down menu to display a map with the STS Edge location based on GPS coordinates.

You can stop a programmed STS Edge from sampling and reporting by selecting .


To restart an STS Edge, you have to use the STS/RRL Administrator. See Section 6.

The STS Edge tab is also used to initialize your STS Edge Telemetry System, after all programming and hardware setup is complete. See Section 5 for initialization instructions.