1.4 Communication/Vented Cables

Communication Cables contain power and communication wires, as well as a vent tube running the length of the cable for the vented sensors. The vent tube and wires are jacketed in polyurethane, providing durability and protection. The cable is 8 mm (0.320") in diameter, while the connectors are 20 mm (0.790") in diameter.



The Vented Communication Cables have a vent tube to surface with a Gore vent cap to ensure airflow through, while preventing moisture from entering the tube.


non vented communication cable 
for solinst 301 absolute water level temperature sensors

Non-Vented Communication Cable
for Solinst 301 Absolute Water Level Temperature Sensors


vented communication cable
for solinst 301 vented water level temperature sensors

Vented Communication Cable
for Solinst 301 Vented Water Level Temperature Sensors


Figure 1-2 Communication/Vented Cables


Communication Cable Specifications
Wetted Materials: Polyurethane, Nickel plated Brass, Viton
Diameter: Cable: 8 mm (0.32")
Connector: 20 mm (0.79")
Lengths: Up to 300 m
Max. Bend Radius: 25 mm (1")
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 80ºC
Vent Tube Moisture Protection: Built-in hydrophobic filters at sensor connection and plug at surface

Table 1-2 Communication Cable Specifications