4.1 Setting the SDI-12 Address

The Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable and connected Levelogger have an SDI-12 device address which can be set to any value from “0” to “9”, “A” to “Z”, or “a” to “z”, giving a total of 62 unique addresses. The default address for Solinst Leveloggers is “0”. This address identifies the Levelogger on an SDI-12 network. Any SDI-12 equipment capable of changing SDI-12 addresses may be used to change a Levelogger's SDI-12 address.

  1. The SDI-12 Interface Cable and Levelogger default address is set to ASCII “0”. If you have more than one Levelogger connected to your datalogger or SDI-12 network, or if there is already a connected device with the address “0”, use the Change Address Command (aAb!) to change the device address.


For explanations of the SDI-12 Supported Commands used to communicate with the Solinst Levelogger, see Section 5.