8.3 Test Email Failed During Setup

If a test email fails during the initial setup of your LevelSender, check the following:

  1. The email settings are correct. Ensure you have selected the proper Server and Login information for the email you are using.
  2. If you have verified that the email settings are correct, your email account may be blocking access from a "Less Secure app".
    • Sign in to the email account you are using. Go to Account > Security and "Allow Less Secure Apps". Go to the email account inbox and check to see if a warning email was received. If yes, follow the steps in the email by clicking on the message > check activity > reply to question "yes, it was me".
    • Once you have completed the steps to allow access, go back through the initial LevelSender setup steps.

gmail warning screen from blocked levelsender email

Figure 8-3 Gmail Warning Email Example