4.2 Create New Remote Site

Selecting New opens the Network Setup window. It will also open when the software first starts. Choose to set up an STS Edge Site, RRL Network, or STS Gold Site (see separate User Guides for RRL Networks and STS Gold Sites).

solinst sts edge network setup window

Figure 4-2 Network Setup Window


Selecting an STS Edge Site opens the STS Edge Information window.

solinst sts edge information window

Figure 4-3 STS Edge Information Window


In the STS Station Information section, enter the Serial Number of the STS Edge (located on its side), the unique name you choose to identify the site (Project ID), and the Location of the site. Set a start date and time to begin data collection.

In the Connection Selection section, you will select IP modem as your communication method, and either GSM. Select the Port number you are using for IP communication. Port #49200 is recommended for PCs using Windows 7 and 10, and 49800 is recommended for PCs using Windows 8.

Program your Data Collection Schedule. A Sample Rate and Report Rate are selected.

If you select a Sample Rate less than 15 minutes and a Report Rate less than 30 minutes, your system will default to "Always On". You can also choose to set your system in this mode. This mode ensures the Remote Station is continuously running and the modem and STS Edge are ready to collect and send data.


"Always On" means you will be using Remote Station power continuously. Ensure you have sufficient power supply. See Section 7.2.

With less frequent Sample and Report Rates, you do not need to check "Always On". The Remote Station will be idle between data sampling and reporting to conserve battery power. More frequent Sample and Report Rates do not allow sufficient time for the modem to shut down and "wake-up" between data collection and send events.

After all STS Edge Information is entered, select Next to open the Datalogger Setup window.