3 STS/RRL Gold Software


STS/RRL Gold Software Version 1.3.0 is compatible only with the latest RRL Gold Firmware 1.003. See Section 5.2 for firmware upgrade instructions.

The Home Station computer requires Version 1.4.0 STS/RRL Software (versions previous to 1.1.1 will not support the RRL). The STS/RRL Administrator Software provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to set up each RRL Station, specify communication intervals, and define sampling rates for attached dataloggers. Collected data is stored and viewed using the software; it can also be exported for use in other programs.

The STS/RRL Communication Agent is automatically installed with the STS/RRL Administrator Software, and is used to view communication activity.


You must have administrator privileges on your PC to install STS/RRL Gold Software.

The RRL Remote Utility is useful to install on a portable laptop, as it provides a convenient way to communicate with programmed RRL Gold Stations in your office or in the field, as well as perform remote diagnostic checks and firmware updates. See Section 5 for more information on the Remote Utility.