1.3 LED Status

There are two LEDs on the SDI-12 Interface Cable, one Yellow LED, and one Red LED.


To check if the Built-In Test (BIT) has failed, see Section 5.10 for details.

If the Red LED flashes, check the following:

  1. The Levelogger is properly connected to the Direct Read Cable and that the Direct Read Cable is properly attached to the SDI-12 Interface Cable, at the surface.
  2. The three wires from the SDI-12 Interface Cable are properly connected to the SDI-12 datalogger/network (see Table 1-1).
  3. The voltage being supplied to the SDI-12 Interface Cable is correct (should be 12V DC).
  4. The BIT may have failed. If this is not corrected by doing any of the above, the user should contact Solinst directly.
  5. If the red LED flashes during a measurement being taken from the Levelogger, retry the measurement first, then check all connections and the voltage.