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Model 3250 LevelVent


LevelVent M5 Logger

pn. 113801

LevelVent M10 Logger

pn. 113973

LevelVent M20 Logger

pn. 113977

LevelVent Well Head (c/w hanger bracket & locking well cap)

pn. 113768

Vented Cable Assemblies (Custom Lengths)

ft. - Increments of 1ft. to 500ft.


Vented Cable Assemblies (Standard Lengths)

Vented Cable Assembly (5ft)

pn. 112769

Vented Cable Assembly (15ft)

pn. 112771

Vented Cable Assembly (25ft)

pn. 112773

Vented Cable Assembly (50ft)

pn. 111014

Vented Cable Assembly (100ft)

pn. 112779


Cases for LevelVent (set of 10)

pn. 109547

Top Cap for the LevelVent Probe (set of 10)

pn. 112643

Dust Cap for LevelVent Cable (set of 10)

pn. 112644

Dust Cap for the LevelVent Well Head (set of 10)

pn. 112645

Biofoul Screen

pn. 110659

Vented Cable Blowout Fitting

pn. 112649

Support Hanger Bracket

pn. 112764

Well Cap Assembly (2")

pn. 112767

Well Cap Adaptor (4")

pn. 110235