1.0 Introduction

SDI-12 (Serial Data Interface at 1200 Baud) is a communications protocol designed to allow the interfacing of a number of low power analog sensors with a common SDI-12 reader or datalogger. The Solinst Levelogger Edge, Barologger Edge, Levelogger Junior Edge, LTC Levelogger Edge, Rainlogger, Levelogger Gold, Barologger Gold, and Levelogger Junior are able to act as SDI-12 Sensors in an SDI-12 Network simply by using the Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable.

The SDI-12 Interface Cable converts SDI-12 commands to the Solinst communications protocol for Solinst Leveloggers. The SDI-12 Interface Cable provides a hardware and protocol conversion interface between a Solinst Levelogger and an SDI-12 network.


SDI-12 Cables sold before August 25, 2009 will not be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Junior.

SDI-12 Cables sold after September 28, 2011 will be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Junior, Levelogger Edge and the Levelogger Junior Edge, as well as older models.

SDI-12 Cables sold after November 1, 2013 will be compatible with Rainlogger Edge, Rainlogger using Firmware V2.000, and all other Levelogger models with latest firmware.

SDI-12 Cables sold after March 20, 2019 will be compatible with the LTC Levelogger Edge, and all other Levelogger and Rainlogger models with latest firmware.