4.2.5 LevelSender Setup

In this step you will set up your LevelSender 5 station Sampling and Reporting Schedule.

solinst levelsender setup

Figure 4-10 LevelSender Setup


You can optionally select and program the connected Dataloggers to record simultaneously in there own internal memory as a back-up. Check the box to select independent logging and enter the following details:


When using a Splitter, the number 1 or 2 will identify the Dataloggers in LevelSender Software. The numbers are labeled directly on the Splitter.


Programming independent logging in the dataloggers can also be done after setting up the LevelSender station, by sending a remote change via LevelSender Changes tab (Section 4.3).


If the connected dataloggers are already logging, they will be stopped with the startup of the LevelSender, and restarted if you selected the option described above. It is recommended to download the data in the datalogger before connecting to the LevelSender. If you do not enter any settings for the loggers or select the "Start Datalogger" box, the datalogger will automatically be stopped with LevelSender startup and independent logging will not start.

See Section 7 in the Levelogger Series User Guide for instructions on how to download the data from the Levelogger's internal memory using Levelogger PC Software.

To enable the internal barometer to automatically barometrically compensated the water level readings being reported, check off "Enable Barometer with Unit", and select the unit of measurement you would like to use for the pressure reading. Options are psi, kPa, and mbar.

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