Operating Instructions



3001 Levelogger® Series Quick Start Guide

levelogger data loggers quick start guides user manuals instructions imagePDF (870 KB)

3001 Levelogger® Series Software Version 4 User Guide
(includes 3001 Levelogger Edge, 3001 Levelogger Gold, 3001 Levelogger  Junior Edge, 3001 Levelogger Junior, 3001 LTC Levelogger Edge, 3001 LTC Levelogger Junior, 3001 Barologger Edge, 3001 Barologger Gold, 3002 Rainlogger Edge, 3002 Rainlogger)

PDF (10 MB)

3001 Leveloader™ User Guide

PDF (3 MB)

3001 Leveloader™ Quick Start Guide

PDF (373 KB)

3001 Levelogger® Deployment

PDF (3 MB)

Levelogger® Comparison - LTC Levelogger Edge vs. LTC Levelogger Junior

PDF (169 KB)

Water Level Datalogger Comparison - Levelogger Edge vs. AquaVent

PDF (171 KB)

SDI-12 User Guide

PDF (664 KB)

Artesian Well Fitting Assembly

PDF (741 KB)

Direct Read to Optical Adaptor

PDF (450 KB)

Connecting Direct Read Cable to Reel

PDF (499 KB)


Previous Instruction Versions


Solinst Levelogger Software User Guide for Version 4.3.2 (PDF)
(includes USB Driver Installation Instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 10)

PDF (9 MB )

USB Driver Installation: Windows 10 (YouTube Video)


USB Driver Installation: Windows 7 (YouTube Video)