3.0 Installation


See Levelogger Series User Guide for detailed Levelogger installation instructions.

  1. Turn off power to the SDI-12 datalogger and/or the SDI-12 network.
  2. From the SDI-12 Interface Cable, take the black ground wire and connect it to the datalogger ground terminal. Take the white signal wire and connect it to the SDI-12 data signal terminal of the datalogger. From the SDI-12 Interface Cable take the red wire and connect it to the 12V DC power supply of the datalogger or the SDI-12 network.
  3. Turn on power to the datalogger and/or the SDI-12 network such that power is applied to the SDI-12 Interface Cable. Both the SDI-12 Interface Cable LEDs should flash to indicate the SDI-12 Interface Cable firmware has started up successfully.

solinst levelogger sdi 12 cable

Figure 3-1 SDI-12 Interface Cable Installation


  1. Connect the other end of the SDI-12 Interface Cable to the top of the Direct Read Cable.
  2. Thread a Solinst Levelogger onto the other end of the Direct Read Cable.
  3. The SDI-12 Interface Cable, the Direct Read Cable, and the Levelogger will then be physically and properly hooked up to the datalogger and SDI-12 network.